The Iron Mike: hello from Russia.

Asta la Vista, Baby!

I am back!

For some unknown reasons my provider had completely stopped me the access to my Tumblr (seems like it knows I can get stuck here forever, haha).

But I found the way.

More pictures to come soon! :)

SKA-Severtal: Patrick Thoresen is looking for the victim..

Dear Zdeno. 

I hope everything goes well for you.

But I’d rather prefer you to be back. :(

Eh.. There was a time…

From the old collections: funny Vova. 

*just in case - Vova is short for Vladimir :o) *

SKA St Petersburg is a Regular Championship winner. Ok. Now waiting for the play-offs first round rival team.

I wish it to be Dynamo Minsk, oh please please..

Tony Martensson. One of the best KHL’s foreign players this season.

Ex-Canes coach Paul Maurice. Sad afer his team has just lost 3-0.